Feynman Explorations

by Stefan Goranov



This short cycle of five tracks is inspired by two consecutive facts - first was me getting interested in the life and work of Richard Feynman somewhere in the end of 2016 and the second was my growing interest in synthesizers and electronic sounds on the drum set and their application in jazz music. All five tracks are recorded live on my roland spd sx except for the last track, on which I added the Bulgarian female choir later.


released January 11, 2018


all rights reserved


Track Name: Deaf Years
You have if you want to discuss nature
to learn about nature and appreciate nature,
It's necessary to find out the language that she speaks in.
She offers her information only in one form. We are not so
unhumble as that say "We demand that she change before we
pay any attention."
It seems to me that all the intellectual arguments that you can make, would not in any way or very little will communicate to deaf ears what the experience of music really is and all the intellectual arguments in the world will not convince those of the other culture. The philosophers who try to teach you by telling you qualitatively about this thing. Me, who's trying to describe it to you but it's not getting across because it's impossible.
We're talking to deaf ears and it's perhaps that the horizons are limited which permits such people to imagine that the center of the universe of interest is man.

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